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Australia's history traces back to the ancient times of Gwondaland, the dinosaurs, the Aborigines right through to the colonisation of the country by the English, the World Wars and the modern era. The past is preserved through the interpretation of those who tell the story. Through the understanding of the past we begin to understand the present and possibly the future. AustralianHistory.org aims to document Australia's history through our own interpreted stories and research from historical facts, to promote open dialogue on current issues and to provide a quality educational website.

If you feel that any content material in this website appears false, misleading or biased please send in your comments.

Web Site Contents:
Ancient History - Gwondaland, Dinosaurs, Aborigines, the Dreamtime ... more
Colonisation - Age of Colonisation, European Explorers, British Settlement, Convicts, Gold, Bushrangers ... more
Post Federation - Australia's involvement in major events of the 20th century like WW1, WW2, The Great Depression ... more
More History - Political History, Military History, Sports History ... more
Australian Information - Statisitics, Australian Flags, National Symbols and Icons, Aussie Slang, Fun Facts, Important Australians ... more
Fun Activities - Crosswords, Find-a-word, Trivia Questions, Puzzles ... more